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I created a physical paper model of an imaginary city, Katterogvil, which is a city-state on Katterog, an imaginary planet. The model has a width of 1.2 meters, and a length of 1.6 meters. A typical building in the city is only 5-10 cubic centimeters. The goal was to make it about as complicated and believable as a real city. As such, it includes all the facilities that a normal city would have. It is far from a utopia, since utopian cities don't really exist, however it does have plenty of upsides, such as very good and efficient infrastructure, high environmental consciousness, and being a haven for arts and sciences. Some of its bad traits are that it is facing a severe overcrowding crisis, is bitterly and often violently divided over political opinion, is partially overrun by terrorists, and will flood instantly if sea levels rise, because the city only reaches a few meters above sea level at its highest.

The city has its own language, Jøptag, which I speak at an intermediate level. There are a few pictures below, and more can be found on Instagram.


Update 21 July 2019: The city is finished, and I'm mostly happy with how it came out! The non-rectangular windows, excessively narrow streets, and unrealistically short airport runways are all pretty annoying, but it's too late to change them now. Thanks so much to everyone for your generous support throughout the year!

kgvfin1  kgvfin2


Update 2 April 2019: Everything but district 4 is now complete. The June deadline still seems very reasonable. I probably will not release another update until then. It's been fun, but I'm excited to finish. Sorry this update is boring but I don't know what else to say.



Update 24 February 2019: Most of Districts 1, 3, and 5 have been filled in now. I will now be filling in District 2, where all the rich snobby people of this imaginary city live. Futuristic skyscrapers and urban mansions will dot the landscape of this region dominated by commerce. After this, I will begin work on the largest and most residential part of the city, District 4. My new goal for total completion of the city is the beginning of June 2019. I don't know if anyone actually looks at this, but if you have any building requests, make sure to let me know soon, because all the remaining good spots are in District 2, which will be filled by the next update! (By the way, I decided to shorten the tall skinny group of buildings instead of cutting them out of the city.)



Update 16 December 2018: Probably should have had an update in between this and the last one; a lot of work has been done! A vast, dense, urban core now cuts diagonally through the city, occupying most of Districts 1 and 3. I did a population estimate recently, and concluded that the city now holds around 50,000 people. This means that in order to meet my goal of 174,327, I will need most of District 4 to be apartment buildings. I have also started getting really miffed about the state of the long, skinny buildings I placed in southern District 2. They will not stop leaning no matter how much tape I add.



Update 19 October 2018: City is starting to take shape. By tackling the process section by section, I have inadvertantly yet effectively established the city's neighborhoods, and have started to give them names, such as Nortgulvan, the chubby peninsula at the bottom left of this photo.



Update 29 July 2018: I have completed the 2D form of the city. A plan has been drawn out showing where all the buildings will go. It's hard to get a good picture of such a large piece of paper, but this was the best I could do. Most of the buildings are visible if you look closely. They take a wide variety of shapes, but most are rectangular. I will only be putting care into buildings that were requested, or that I just feel like putting care into. There are far too many for me to put time into all of them, assuming I want to finish within a year or so.



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