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Katterogvil Model

I am creating a physical paper model of an imaginary city, Katterogvil, which is a city-state on Katterog, an imaginary planet. Although I am far from completing it, the model will have a width of 1.2 meters, and a length of 1.6 meters. A typical building in the city is only 5-10 cubic centimeters. The goal is to make it complicated and believable as a real city. As such, it will include all the facilities that a normal city would have. It is far from a utopia, since utopian cities don't really exist, however it does have plenty of upsides, another thing real cities have. Some of its good traits are that it has very good and efficient infrastructure, is very good for the environment, and is a haven for arts and sciences. Some of its bad traits are that it is facing a severe overcrowding crisis, is intensely divided over political opinion, and will flood instantly if sea levels rise, because the city only reaches a few meters above sea level at its highest. Additionally, I want to include small references to real life all throughout the city. Particularly, I want the city to contain a building representing everyone I know. If you know me and we have not already discussed this, please hit me up and let me know what kind of building you want in the city. It can be pretty much anything that I can reasonably make out of paper. I will be releasing occasional updates on the Katterogvil page.


I will now begin constructing buildings, but it will take a long time. This does not mean that requests are closed. Remember to let me know what building you want to represent you if you haven't already! Thanks!


I love photography, and consider myself to be okay at it. Instagram is the only social media that I use daily, and you can find me there @miles.hacker, or by clicking the button at the top. Here are some of my favorites.

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If you were wondering, I've tried making music myself, and I suck.